September 2017 Nintendo Direct Recap (9/13/2017)

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While my Nintendo Direct Bingo card did not produce any Bingos, I did get very close, falling one short on five different lines and missing just nine of the 25 boxes. Unfortunately, some of those boxes were things I was most excited to possibly see, but that does not mean the 45-minute Nintendo Direct did not produce plenty of excitement. Showcasing something for everyone with shooters, RPGs, platformers, indies, AAA titles, and more, this Nintendo Direct gave us plenty of reason for excitement. Continue reading “September 2017 Nintendo Direct Recap (9/13/2017)”


9/13/17 Nintendo Direct Bingo Card

Switch Bingo

I stayed up way too late working on this so I thought I’d share it on the blog. I’ll have my reactions to tomorrow’s direct after the show!

A Writer on Wrestling: Mae Young Classic, Rd. 1 (9/3/2017)

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Before the next round of episodes is released Monday, I wanted to reflect on the first round of the Mae Young Classic, WWE’s all-women tournament that featured a few significant highlights but mostly a company going through the motions, especially when compared to last summer’s Cruiserweight Classic. That’s not a knock on the effort of the women, but the WWE did not always put them in a position to succeed.

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Game On: A “Monopoly Gamer” Non-Review (8/27/17)


Monopoly can be a very divise game. The first 70% of the game is fun, and then the last 30% takes far too long and just makes people angry. So, I don’t play Monopoly very often, but while I don’t write about board games on here often, they are definitely among my favorite pastimes. Doubling back, while I don’t play Monopoly often, I still own multiple variations. I own a super deluxe copy with drawers that my late grandmother bought me, Muppets Monopoly, a vintage copy from my parents, and most recently, I combined two hobbies by picking up the new Super Mario-themed “Monopoly Gamer.” But how does it stack up with the classic game?

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Sonic Adequacy: A Sonic Mania Review (8/22/17)

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SEGA released Sonic Mania to much fanfare last week on PS4, X-Box One, and Switch (the PC version was delayed until next week). I’ve spent the past seven days hearing old school fans gush about the game, but I never played much Sonic growing up. I owned a Super Nintendo and an Nintendo 64. While Genesis did what Ninten-didn’t, I was perfectly okay with that.  Still, I played Sonic eventually and do enjoy the series. So, how does Mania stack up for someone not beaming with a nostalgic glow?

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Hey! Don’t ignore Pikmin on Nintendo 3DS – A Review (8/4/2017)

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While picking up my New Nintendo 2DS XL last Friday (a system I reviewed last weekend), I also had the opportunity to purchase the newest title in Nintendo’s Pikmin series, Hey! Pikmin and the Pikmin amiibo that went with it. As I describe last week, the purchase of the amiibo was one of the easiest experiences I’ve had yet. Whether that says something about people’s excitement for the series or just the game, I’m not sure, but the game piqued my interest with a new twist on the series, and the amiibo was far too cute to pass up.

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2 > 3: A New Nintendo 2DS XL Review (7/30/2017)

When Nintendo announced the confusingly-named New Nintendo 2DS XL back in April, I immediately took to Twitter to express my excitement for the device. Surprisingly few in my timeline shared my opinion, but as someone still using a launch model Nintendo 3DS, the device was assuredly an upgrade.

For those uninitiated with the device, the NN2DSXL (wow) is part of the 3DS family of systems launched in 2011 as a successor to the “DS” where Nintendo introduced “dual-screen” gaming on a clamshell device. The lower screen is touch-sensitive and the top essentially a more high-powered Game Boy. With the 3DS, Nintendo introduced ocular 3D to the upper screen – a glasses-free 3D experience that makes foreground images appear to be “coming out at you” when in reality, the backgrounds are “moving away.” To several, this was an awesome innovation. To me, it was an oncoming headache (more on that later). Since then, the 3DS has had several alternate releases including XL (bigger screens), 2DS (same system without the 3D for young eyes), and “New” which includes a stronger computer inside.

Since I had never upgraded – and did not care for the eye-straining 3D – the New Nintendo DS XL represented a possible upgrade in all forms, but did its launch stand up to my hype?

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